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Kanada: Zarzuty Boeinga są fałszywe, bezpodstawne


The Government of Canada today made the following statement regarding the filing of a petition by Boeing Aerospace Corporation with the United States Department of Commerce, alleging the dumping of Bombardier aircraft in the United States market:

“The Government of Canada objects to the allegations made by Boeing. We are confident that our programs are consistent with Canada’s international obligations.

“The aerospace industries of Canada and the United States are highly integrated and companies on both sides of the border benefit from this close partnership. For example, many C Series suppliers are based in the United States and it is projected that more than 50 percent of the components for the C Series, including the engine, will be supplied by American firms directly contributing to high quality jobs in that country. The C Series is a great example of how the North American industrial base can develop and produce a globally competitive product with industry-leading clean technologies.

Bombardier also has a significant presence in the U.S. across its aerospace and transportation divisions, directly employing more than 7,000 workers. In addition, the company works with more than 2,000 suppliers headquartered in states across the country thereby generating thousands of well-paid, high-tech American jobs.

“The Government of Canada will mount a vigorous defence against these allegations and stand up for aerospace jobs on both sides of the border.”

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